Tooling for Cameron 226 vacuum seamer

Manufacturer: Cameron
Model: 226
Max Capacity: 60cpm
Year of Renovation: 2019
Category: seaming machine

Balticparts can either completely overhaul old tooling for Cameron seamers or make completely new tooling, depend on customer requirements.

Repair of the Lanico DT265 Rapid

Repair of the Hema CB2

Can washing machines – FOR SALE!

Manufacturer: Other
Model: washing machine
Max Capacity: 120cpm
Year of Build: 2001
Category: Washing machine for cans

Cameron 226 vacuum seamers

Repainting of the Cameron vacuum seamers.
Pictures shows condition of the machines before sandblasting, after painting with primer coat and after finish coat.

Completely renovated Lubeca 303 with new continuous stainless steel clincher made by BalticParts

Manufacturer: Lubeca Balticparts
Model: LW303; K120 stainless steel
Max Capacity: 65cpm
Year of Renovation: 2019
Category: seaming machine; stainless steel clincher; stainless steel lid placing device

We are pleased to present you a new stainless steel clincher entirely designed and made by our company.
Thanks to the use of proven solutions and new production techniques, we managed to reduce the price by 40% compared to the LW792 model proposed by Lubeca ™.
Complete overhaul of Lubeca 303 closing machine also made by Balticparts

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6 head seaming machine Lubeca LW203

Manufacturer: Lubeca
Model: LW203
Max Capacity: 600cpm
Year of Renovation: 2019
Category: seaming machine for round cans

Renovation made by Balticparts.

We have for sale a similar machine!

Parameters of the closing machine:

  • closing speed up to 600pcs of cans per minute
  • cans diameter from 52mm to 113mm
  • cans height from 39mm to 210mm
  • driven lower lifters

Seamer could be equipped with two different can diameters if necessary. All external machine elements, elements in contact with the product covered with stainless steel.


YouTube movie

Completely renovated Lubeca 303 with 790 clincher setup for club can delivered to Iceland

Balticparts is a unique company that specialize in rebuilding seaming and filling machines. We pay great attention to the fact that the surface of the machines we renovate is exceptionally smooth, in order to make it easier to keep the machine clean