Completely renovated Lubeca 303 with 790 clincher sold to customer in Russia

New chain and chain guides for Ferrum F505 seamer

We are happy to announce that from now on Balticparts can deliver chains and chain guides for Ferrum F505 seamers


Main overhaul and tooling change for Lanico UV245

Main rebuild and tooling change of the Lanico UV245. Cans specially design for corned beef and luncheon meat.


Main overhaul of the Sidel Hema MV1 (DM60) meat filler

Balticparts can supply any parts for Sidel Hema fillers model:



-MV1 (SF Classic MV1 Series 60C)



If you are interested to buy any spare parts for your Sidel Hema filler, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The most probably we are in the only company in the world who can do overhaul of your Hema MV1 (DM60, DM120) or CB2 on exchange basis, giving you warranty for rebuild.


Fully rebuilded Lanico DT265 delivered to customer in Finland.

Rebuild process of Lanico DT265

Sidel Hema DM60 after full rebuild

Trio rodding machine delivered to customer in UK

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