Fully renovated IMC178 delivered o customer

We are happy to announce that another IMC 178 has been delivered to customer in Scandinavia.

If you have such a seamer and are interested to rebuild it, please be informed that BalticParts is unique company that can deliver your old machine into completely new one, fully renovated.

IMC 178 seamer

2019 Hema CB2 with bottom filling

Balticparts has for sale completely renovated Hema CB2 with bottom fillling. Machine is equipped with round can tooling can tooling. Machine is basically brand new and therefore we give one year guarantee for all kind of machines fully renovated at Balticparts.

If you have such a machine and your production depend on it but your machine full rebuild we can also deliver you our fully rebuild machine and take your old equipment back.

Manufacturer: Hema

Model: CB2

Max Capacity: 80cpm

Year of Renovation: 2019

Category: filler